Updated : April 18, 2022


We are an Edmonton based kennel, started in April 2019, who run on Thursday evenings. Our intention is to complement the other kennels and hashes in Edmonton with a different brand of hashing, promoting live trails, as much debauchery as possible, and a damn good time.

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Hash Disclaimer (Literally, "The Fine Print") Unfortunately, due to the nanny state mentality that has been promoted around the world, the following needs to be said: All Hash activities are undertaken at the individual's own risk. Neither the True Trail Hash House Harriers nor any of its members accept any liability for an individual's personal safety or belongings. This doesn't mean that Hashers won't help each other out - of course they will, especially on trail. However, the Hash is not responsible for you; you are an adult, and we believe you are perfectly capable of making your own decisions. So listen to the Hares and know your own limits.