We are an Edmonton based kennel that kicked off the Kennel with Sexy Earth Day in April of 2019, who will run on Thursday evenings. Our intention is to complement the other kennels and hashes in Edmonton with a different, true brand of hashing, promoting live trails, as much debauchery as possible, and a damn good time.


What to Expect:

We will follow any hares lead, with any style of trail that hare wants to lay, but in general this is what you should expect from week to week.



We will generally start in a bar. Food and drinks there will be on your own. Hash cash pays for trail beer and circle beer 2-3 per person. If the hare wants to lay a particularly shiggy trail, or in a certain area, we may start in a park or school, bring your own beer.

Start times are: Pack Gathers: 6:30 pm (or ealier)

Hares Off: 6:45 pm

Pack Off: 7:00 pm



$8. We want to encourage hares to volunteer without having to invest in beer every week. Therefore, $1 per head will go to the kennel for haberdashery and events, and the hare will have $7 per head to buy beer for their trail. There will be no hash owned beer, any extra beer will be passed to the next hare. Submit receipts to be reimbursed for the beer.



One fun thing about live trails is that you don't always know where you end up. So we will let you know what to plan on for the evening.

A-A: Trail starts and ends in the same location

A-A' : Trail will end 1K or less from the start. You can walk back

A-B: Trail will end over 1K from the start, and we will organize shuttles to get you back



As you know, shiggy is anything that will get you muddy, bloody, or wet. So to plan your evening, we will tell you what to expect so you can prepare, or ask for a work around, most difficult trails will provide a Turkey Option, but you never know:

0: Pavement Pounder, no shiggy.

1:  Maintained trails with maybe some mud or ice along the way.

2: Unimproved trails with logs, bushes, and general crap along  the way.

3: No Trails, you are going through the bushes, weeds and possible water.

4: Equipment needed: This trail may need a rope, life jacket, water wings, or cramp ons to get through.

5: DANGER! Highly unlikely, but it has happened. Enter at your own risk. Hares that do this are fuckers.


On After:

The hare will not coordinate an On-On or On-After for this trail, some of us have to fucking go to bed. But if the pack wants to plan a place to meet up after trail, please do!


CONSENT: T2H3 encourages all flashing, nudity, touching, fellatio, cunnilingus, fornication, and sex on the trail. However, each party must say, "YES" before any act can agree. This applies to both sexes and to all parties. Do not assume there is consent if some gave you permission before. Unless you are Eager Peevert or Roooadhouse, and anyone can touch them anywhere at any time. Also, do not be embarrassed or butt hurt if someone says no. It most likely isn't personal, they just may not be in the mood to be groped or otherwise. When it comes to nudity.... naked happens. If you don't want to see it, walk away, but we won't force it on you.