Well, due to COVID19, we are in a Holding Pattern until we have information that our debaucherously events can reoccur.

Please check back regularly to keep abreast of our next events.


Pack Gathers: 6:30ish

Hare Off: 6:45

On Out: 7:00



*** headlamps will help too ***

Hare: Fancy Licker

If you must pull out, some half mind will pay you for your spot. Anyone else may solicit someone to take your spot, they will pay you, not T2H3. We will keep your money.

Thank you for the interest, and On On.

What to bring: a compass, a safety vest, and a sense of adventure.

Hash Cash: $7

Pay Hash Cash by e-transfer to:
or PayPal to
Show your transfer when you sign in, or just give us cash.