August 19-21


Granite Curling Club 
8620 107 St NW,
Edmonton, AB T6E 4L3


HOWEVER… we have done a quick pivot! And we have rented the Granite Curling Club as a central hash location IN Edmonton. We will have 5 days of hashing (counting Thursday and Monday T2H3 & EH3 trails) featuring some of the best locations of our river valley, bridges and central locations.

PNWIH goes Urban!

That is right, the location we have been working with for the last two years for a fantastic debaucherous weekend of camping has told us to go pound sand. It wasn’t us! There were just too many large groups wanting to rent the entire campground that they shut everyone down.



We will be offering hashpitality as spaces are available and hotels and dormitories are available in the area. However, it is also the weekend of the Fringe Festival and Blues Festival (also worth checking out), so get a hotel reservation if you know you are cumming. We will assist people as needed to get rides from the airport. If you are bringing an RV, we will help you find a spot to park in the area.


The Granite Curling Club is located on the southside of the river valley and nearby Whyte avenue that has pubs and shops to explore. The facility removes the ice in the arena so we can have a large gathering place for circles, food, dancing, debauchery, and drinking. Budget permitting we are looking to have a DJ and/or band both Friday and Saturday nights after circle. We will have a theme for Friday and Saturday Trails TBD.

The Facility also has a full no-host bar upstairs. There will be free beer and cider to drink along with your regos, but if you want a cocktail or shitty wine they will serve you.


Regos will still go out April 1-ish. We are targeting rego price at $120 USD/ $150 CND, but nothing is final just yet. At this point we are capping regos at 250 halfminds.

So let’s pivot to an awesome Edmonton experience and go URBAN.