T2H3 Sexy CampOut 2020




Bimbos and Wankers!


Welcome to the 1st Anal T2H3 Sexy Campout!  Please come for hashing and shenanigans in a drunk distancing kind of way. We will be taking some precautions, that we will be talking about later, but for now let’s get on with the detrails:


Dates: August 14-16, 2020


Place:  Rangeton Park Group Site, Pembina River  53.774727, -114.963939

Directions are below.


$79.69 Until July 11th

$99.69 Until July 31st

$119.69 Until August 7th

Regos closed on August 7th


Regos Costs cover:  Camping, Beer, & Haberdashery

BYOG:  Bring Your Own Grub.  Due to COVID-19, we are not serving or sharing meals. 

Meals will be on your own and cooked at your own campsite.


Pay your Rego by e-transfer to: Truetrailh3@gmail.com or PayPal to www.paypal.me/truetrailh3 (be sure to send to friends and family)


Please REGO at: 


Rego’s will be capped at 45 people.

All Regos are final.  You may sell your rego to anyone who wants to buy, they must register, and the seller must let us know who bought their rego.


Schedule (Standard Hash Time):

Friday, August 14th

4:00-7:00 Registration

6:00 Kegs Tapped

6:00 - 8:00 Halfmind Tiki Lounge Open (no host, cheap)

8:00 ABC Hash (Anything But Clothes) / Welcome circle to follow.

12:00 am Kegs and Lounge Close


Saturday, August 15th

10:00 Tiki Lounge Open

10:30 Hash Olympics (Tentative - details to cum)

1:00 Sexy Campout Hash

10:00 pm After Dark Naked Run

12:00 am Kegs & Lounge Close


Sunday, August 16th

10:30 Hangover Hash and Closing Circle

12:00 Get the Fuck Out!



We are aware that we are having this campout in the middle of a pandemic.  As much as we want life and hashing to continue like normal, we are taking the following measures to work within Alberta Health guidelines and safe practices:

1. Regos will be capped at 45 people to stay under the 50 person group regulation

2. Tents should be at least 6 feet apart.

3. People should sit in their own chairs and use their own camping implements.

4. Beer from kegs will be served by volunteers, and will not be available when the kegs are unattended.

5. Hand Sanitizer will be readily available at the tiki bar, circle location, GM campsites, and at beer checks.

6. Food is not provided, served, or shared.

7. We will be marking everyone with a number.  That number is your COVID Cumfort Level.  This will keep people aware of how close to get to you.  More details to cum.


Halfmind Tiki Lounge:

Qweer Eye for the Brown Guy has volunteered to be our bartender over the course of the weekend.  We will be charging for the mixed drinks he comes up with to cover costs.  He will be looking for more volunteers to serve beer over the course of the day.  Servers will have hand sanitizer and masks to keep the beer flowing, the beer is free (paid by regos).  We will have one keg of cider.  This will be a fun way of having a little oasis at camp.


Clothing Optional:

This event is CLOTHING OPTIONAL.  There could be nudity at any point in the day. No one will require anyone to be naked, but everyone should be ok with being around nudity.  Anyone naked should have something to sit on, and as with anyone clothed, sit on your own chair.  If this is an issue… please don’t register.


Driving Directions:

1. Travel 1 hr west of Edmonton on Yellowhead Hwy #16 to Hwy #22

2. Turn north towards Mayerthorpe on Hwy #22.

3. Travel approximately 20km to Rangeton Rd. (Twp. Rd. 554)

4. Turn east on Rangeton Rd. (Twp. Rd. 554)

5. Travel 12km on Rangeton Rd. straight east to Rangeton Park